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Powers of the Commission:
The Commission is empowered by Sections 8 & 13 of the Adamawa State Fiscal Responsibility Law, 2013 to:-
a. Compel any person or government institution to disclose information relating
to public revenues and expenditure;
b. Cause an investigation into whether any person has violated any provisions of this Law and the FRA 2007.
c. Investigate and forward to the Attorney-General of the State a report of investigation carried out and is satisfied that provisions of Law has been violated and such a person has committed any punishable offence for possibe prosecution.
d. Formulates and provide general policy and guideline for the discharge of its functions
e. Superintend the implementation of the policies of the Commission
f. Appoint for the Commission, such numbers of employees or have such employees in the State Civil Service seconded to it as may in the opinion of the Commission be expedient and necessary for the proper and efficient performance of the functions of the Commission
g. Determined the terms and conditions of service in the Commission, including disciplinary measures
h. Subject to the existing guidelines on salaries and wages in the State, fix the remuneration, allowances and benefits of the employees of the Commission
i. Do other things, which in its opinion are necessary to ensure the efficient performance of the functions of the Commission.
j. Regulate its proceedings and make standing orders with respect to the holding of its meetings, notices to be given, the keeping of minutes of its proceedings and such other matters as the Commission may from time to time determine.