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Abdurrahman Modibbo Girei, Diploma in Education Nottingham University UK, Bachelor of Education Southtom University UK, Member of the National Institute of Strategic Studies Kuris Jos (mni)
Alh. Abdurrahman Modibbo was born on 30/12/1940 to the family of Modibbo Ahmadu Girei in Girei town in the present day Girei Local Government Area in Adamawa State, but started his early childhood in Yola Town where his father worked as a Judicial Officer, in Adamawa Native Authority and precisely in Lamido’s Council.
Early Childhood:
Although not much detail he could recalled, he do remember how he accompanied his brothers and sisters to attend Modibbo Siddique; koranic School very close to their house. For all intent and purposes the school served as a kindergaden to shape and develop behavior of all those attending it. It encourage listening and paying attention to what is being taught because there is a penalty for not being attentive.
After the age of 5, Abdurrahman Modibbo was sent to accompany by his elder Brother to Mubi where he was working with the Local Government at that time as a scribe. Boys of his (Modibbo) age at that time help in picking stick for firewood and spend much of their time going to the stream to fetch water and he was similarly occupied doing that.
In 1949 Abdurrahman Modibbo was sent to an Elementary School Mubi, (Mubi Primary School) to start formal education. His class was the 3rd set of boys and girls admitted into the school in 1949. That was the time the world started to recover from 2nd world war and Adamawa Native Authority was trying to embark on major expansion of educative facilities for better enlightenment community in the province.
He returned to Yola in 1950 from Mubi to continue with schooling in (Yola Elementary School) (Now Aliyu Mustafa Primary School Yola). In Jan, 1952 he was selected to proceed to Yola Middle School (Now GMMC) that is where he completed his Primary School in 1955. After passing entrance examination into Government College Zaria (Now Barewa College Zaria). In that College he met student from all over the North Region, students of various background and he had to start learning both Hausa and English very quickly to communicate with both staff and students. Barewa College Zaria was a very fine Institution in terms of facilities and teaching staff, during lessons the place is dead quite because everyone is committed to the lessons, competition between students in academic work was very high and kept the students on their toes.
Student of that time all enjoyed mathematics lessons and it was regarded the cheapest subject in WAEC, so he begin to wonder why children of today find their fear of Maths. Perhaps they were lucky to have dedicated staff. Finally, Abdurrahman Modibbo made a grade II West African School Certificate in December 1960. With that level of pass, opportunities to secure admission into higher Institution became open and available. In 1961 he secured admission into 3 years Diploma Programme to train as an art and craft teacher in Secondary School. So he obtain all admission 3 years course into a premier teachers college in Britain Loughborough teachers training college. He completed the Diploma training and obtained a Diploma in Education from the Institute of Education Nothigham University England in 1964.
Nine Years later in 1973 he went back to UK. And enrolled in King Alfred’s College, Winchester to pursue a degree course in design and technology at the Institute of Education Southampton University in UK, and qualified in 1975.
Service Period:
Immediately on his return after graduating in 1964 he was appointed as Education Officer (grade B) and posted to teach in Bida Secondary School. While in that school he was for a short period appointed to oversee the school as the principal.
Abdurrahman Modibbo was transfer in 1966 to Government Secondary School Zaria. After the state creation in 1968, he was deployed to the North Eastern part of Nigeria and posted to take charge of Mubi as Zonal inspector. This new responsibility took him out of classroom to take charge of inspection duties and the maintenance of standards in teaching in the primary schools in that area. In spite of the new responsibility he saw the opportunity to enhance the quality of teaching staff that needed up grading from teacher grade III to teaches grade II through training and development.
So the teaching opportunities continued in that direction and it was a rewarding experience because the teachers appreciated the initiative.
In 1970 he was transferred again to the Ministry of Education Headquarters to take charge of a new unit created in the Planning development to carry out and organize maintenance and rehabilitation of post primary school buildings which many experts in the Ministry said were neglected to the point of being very unsuitable for teaching and learning environment. So his new job was to raise the standard of the structures and facilities.
In 1977, he was appointed as principal of a secondary school and was posted to Yelwa Secondary School (Now Aliyu Mustafa College, Yola) After a short spelt of about 1 year as principal he was appointed as Chief inspector of education an important position in the maintenance of teaching and learning standards in all schools in former Gongola State. Two years later he became a Permanent Secretary from 1979-84 and served in various ministries. Then he was nominated by Gongola State to proceed to the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies Kuro Jos.
As the name implied it is an Institute establish to develop capacity of top executives in Nigeria in policy formulation and implementation.
This is an institution which combine rigorous academic work and a relax atmosphere for social interaction based on regular exchange of ideas aim at changing perceptions and attitudes towards creating what the institute regards as its motto “towards better society”.
Before completion of the course at Kuro, Alh. Abdurrahman Modibbo Girei was appointed as Rector Federal Polytechnic, Mubi and transferred his service to the Federal Ministry of Education as chief Education Officer and serve from 1985-1994 when he voluntarily retired from service to set up a private business.
In 1996 to date he joined friends and relative to establish Hududullah Micro credit Company as Executive Director and shareholder promoting poverty reduction with entrepreneurs as target clients.
Abdurrahman Modibbo attend several courses and seminars in Educational Planning, Inspection for Standards, Examination and measurements organized by Ministry of Education, National Board for Technical Education and Other professional bodies during the cause of his 30 years’ service.
In May, 2014 he was invited by His Excellency the Governor of Adamawa State, Admiral Murtala H. Nyako to serve as the pioneer Executive Chairman Fiscal Responsibility Commission in Adamawa State. He regard the invitation as a great privilege and honor done to him.
On this note I end this brief biography by saying that Alh. Abdurrahman Modibbo Girei (mni) is married to Rahimatu and we thank God that the marriage is blessed with 8 children (5 girls and 3 boys).